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Rosie Baish, on 15-07-2017 at 23:10 GMT said:

Good Evening All,

Firstly, welcome to my new website, 192-168.co.uk
I’ve built this partly to have a crack at web development, but mostly becuase I wanted somewhere that I could post my opinions. I’ve read quite a few people’s blogs, and like the idea of being able to have my say on things I think are important (and hopefully have someone read it!)
Based upon my interests, this will primarily be about programming, and wider Computer Science related matters. I’ll probably dip into current affairs occasionally, but not too often.
So, firstly, I thought I’d say a little bit about me. My name is Rosie Baish, I’m a programmer, and a bit of a general nerd. I mostly working in C++ and Python, but I am also currently writing an OS in ARM Assembly, as a project to learn about various things. When I’m not programming, I enjoy reading, rowing and going to the Gym. My Code repo can be found here, Currently only has a couple of projects in it, but I’ll make more of them public when they are in a vaguely acceptable state!
The OS is based upon Alex Chadwick's Tutorial, but I rewrote everything from scratch, only using his code as a design. I’ve written the basic kernel, and screen support, and which point I totally branched off from the tutorial. I’ve done a scheduler and assembler, and I’m working on a C compiler. I’m planning to include a filesystem, and keyboard support, to make a basic terminal based OS, which you can write code in to expand. The current challenges are getting the timing right for GPIO PS2 connections to the keyboard, and figuring out how to write to disk.
I’ll probably go into more detail about various projects in future posts. I need to go back over half the OS and refresh my memory, so I might as well blog the results rather than write documentation!!
I’m starting my Undergraduate Degree this Autumn, and I’ll put up posts about the various topics that interest me. It probably won’t be too interesting for some, but I figure that by explaining it in a blog post it will help me wrap my head around it!
I’ve kept the first post fairly short, but I’m planning to post new blog entries fairly freqently